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Boy Swallows Universe

2018, Trent Dalton

i dont normally read/finish books unless they're really good. i finished this book

a boy in brisbane surrounded by druggos and crime and shit just wants to grow up and become a good man

i love this book. its been a long time since a book has really gripped me, both in the story it tells and how it is told.

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Ex Machina

2014, Alex Garland

awesome visual effects and set design, complemented by a pretty cool story

a programmer is invited to spend the weekend with genius computer man to test a super advanced AI robot

cool philosophical story, raises some real head scratchers about AI and the ending is pretty cool

sky net


2006, Mike Judge

mike judge has some weird obsession with rednecks, i swear. its pretty funny film tho

a man is cyrogenically frozen (kinda) and wakes up in the future when everyone is really retarded

its pretty funny at bits, but not really my thing. the story is also very cheesy, but i guess thats the point

dumb idiot

The Florida Project

2017, Sean Baker

im not sure what i really like about this movie, but i really like it. so cool

a little girl and her friends spend their summer at their motel surrounded by crackheads and other bad shit

the girl is an amazing actress. very emotional and just great seeing that environment from a kids perspective

disney sucks


1984, William Gibson

took me a long time to finish this book. really wanted to like it, but the writing style is kinda freaky, probably intentionally

hackerman is rehired for a last job against a god-like AI, and also theres an epic ninja cyborg girl

i love cyberpunk stuff, so i thought i would love it. gibson writes all over the place, and im just not ready for that yet

good bad

Last Life in the Universe

2003, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

a good thai movie. i have found it. and it features three different languages!

japanese man living in bangkok is very lonely and suicidal, until he meets a thai girl and falls in love

really cool story, especially the way it switches from japanese to thai to english. and they cute together :3

aw yeah


2019, Bong Joon-ho

absolutely incredibly south korean movie, keeps you always wondering what is going to happen next

follow the tale of a poor, lower class family as they slowly infiltrate and leech off of the lives of a rich, upper class family

fast paced, definitely worth a second watch. you'll probably pick up on heaps of foreshadowing that you missed on the first watch

hella good

Knives Out

2019, Rian Johnson

very well made mystery film, unpredictable but realistic enough to stay entertaining whilst remaining believable

it is about a very rich old man who mysteriously commits suicide, and then his family have to figure out whodunit

pretty cool, many twists which is fun and also has a good, satisfying 'gotcha' of the villain at the end (unlike some mystery stories)

pretty epic

Mao's Last Dancer

2003, Li Cunxin

he might be a good dancer but hes a boring writer

follow the adventures of some random chinese kid as he becomes a famous dancer for chairman mao

tbh i didn't even read past the part where he moves to america or something

just shit

Taxi Driver

1976, Martin Scorsese

pretty dark and edgy, but i like the vibes

the story of a lowly taxi driver who slowly goes insane and does crazy shit

its a cool story, but kinda boring and didn't really appeal to my hyper zoomer idiot brain

sorta aight


2008, Media Molecule

one of the greatest platformers ever made

such a cool game with an awesome aesthetic and a big focus on creating your own levels

almost everyone should play this game at least once

basically perfect

Night in the Woods

2017, Infinite Fall

pretty fun point and click adventure game

the story of a girl who drops out of college, returns home and has to solve a mystery

even though its very reddity in its themes, its a cool story and not too long

good fun


2018, Lee Chang-dong

very strange and almost surreal, but very beautiful

its about a guy who falls in love with a girl who meets another guy, but this other guy is kinda odd

i found it kinda boring, but i can see how people who are into more artsy, ambiguous type films can enjoy it

not for me

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

2010, Apichatpong Weerasethakul

one of the weirdest films i've ever watched

a man is dying, and so he has visions of past lives to try and find what he did to deserve this illness

its a thai art film, i heard good things about it and its also thai so i tried it, and i thought it sucked.

what even


2014, Jon Favreau

i can't even describe how good this film is

the wholesome story of a chef who decides hes sick of not doing what he wants so he opens a food truck

there is no conflict. the story only goes up. jon favreau calls himself a meme at one point. watch this film.

a masterpiece


2019, Sam Mendes

very pretty movie, you can tell from the way it is

follow the adventures of a soldier in world war I as he tries to stop his friends from falling for a german trap

cinematography, score and sound design are all incredible. story is a little bit simplistic and the time jumps can be jarring, but thats ok.

me likey

Rogue One

2016, Gareth Edwards

i should preface this by saying i haven't really seen any other star wars movies

i'd like to put a synopsis here but i don't really have any clue what the story was about. they have to blow something up idk

literally 'fan service: the movie' and doesn't stand on its own as a film whatsoever. might be one of the worst films i've ever seen

absolute garbage

They Live

1988, John Carpenter

this is honestly one of the cheesiest, most unintentionally hilarious 80s sci-fi action films i've ever seen

about a guy who finds sunglasses that let him see the true subliminal messaging behind advertisements because the world is controlled by aliens

theres a ridiculously long fight scene, its really funny, and the movie gets more bizarre as it goes on. also all the acting is terrible

so bad its ok

Uncut Gems

2019, Josh & Benny Safdie

nothing but pure anxiety-ridden, chaos fueled madness

rich jewish jeweller manages to get his hand on an expensive opal and also he pisses everybody off and keeps gambling his debt into more debt

pretty crazy, but good and engaging. watching it is worth it just for the 'holy shit im gonna cum' scene

enjoyed it

Swiss Army Man

2016, Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert

such an awesome premise, and lives up to it pretty well

a castaway finds a dead body which is actually not dead and has special powers that help them return to civilisation

funny, but in a stupid idiot way, and also emotional while still being comedic. also the protagonist is a virgin loser which was v relatable xd

funny haha

Jasper Jones

2017, Rachel Perkins

finally, an australian film that appeals to my mainstream consumer brain

western australia, 1969, white boy and aboriginal boy try to solve the mystery of a white girl's death and also the town sucks

you really feel just how shitty rural western australian towns are. not as good as the book, but that's ok because the book is awesome

good head

Sonic the Hedgehog

2020, Jeff Fowler

i went into this expected very little, and i was still disappointed

stupid blue rat who is obnoxiously annoying and won't stop talking drops his teleporting rings and has to go get them

it's kind of on par with alvin and the chipmunks, the smurfs or garfield. that is to say, it fucking sucks.

a fan favourite

The Truman Show

1998, Peter Weir

one of my favourite movies ever featuring jim carrey at his best

a man realises that his entire life has been a tv show and comes to terms with it

super hot movie. funny, emotional and thought provoking in allthe right ways. also jim carrey

actually awesome

Ad Astra

2019, James Gray

a deep and emotional movie that unfortunately fails to make me feel

brad pitt, son of the greatest astronaut ever, journeys to neptune to reunite with his father and save the world

it has the makings of something really meaningful, but sadly has all this weird action movie-y shit going on that muddles it up

almost great


2018, Alex Garland

a good attempt at lovecraftian eldritch horror that is actually kinda spooky

a buncha girls try to find the cause of a quarantined zone that causes mutations and crazy alien shit to happen inside

the bear scene is awesome. cosmic horror is really hard to do in film and i think this does it mostly well. also makes you think a bit

so neato