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puff's package

yeah, I made a modpack for minecraft 1.12.2
it was born out of frustration with the default world generation in minecraft, which i think is really boring
there's mostly a focus on exploration with very minimal tech mods because my stupid idiot brain doesn't like having to figure out minecraft machines

recently updated with a bunch of new mods. awesomesauce


click right here to go to curseforge where you can download the package
you need the twitch launcher to install, although multiMC can also be used

how to install on twitch

1. download the twitch launcher from here 2. open up the launcher once its installed 3. on the top row, navigate to mods -> minecraft -> browse modpacks 4. search for "puff's package" 5. click install, wait for it download 6. go back to the minecraft screen, then play

how to install on multiMC

1. download multiMC from here 2. open up multiMC and run through the first time installation stuff 3. download my package, link above. do not extract it 4. right-click on the empty space and select "create instance" 5. select "import from zip" on the left, browse and select the .zip you downloaded 6. click ok, wait for the package to install (might take a while) 7. launch it and play