i rebuilt my website, isn't it pretty now (◕‿◕✿)


a collection of other cool places on the information superhighway

site description
Sadgrl.Online reinvigorated my interest in building websites
The Shpot kind of awesome shpot made by my buddy adam
Serotonin Pharmaceuticals weird place with games and tools, kind of a spooky vibe
Lospec hub for pixel art resources and tools
Omaera some guy's personal site, pretty cool looking
Peelopaalu a very big link directory with cool places
The Soda Machine some kind of a webring I think, I dunno it's cool I guess
Erowid drug information because I love drugs
Nightwave Plaza vaporwave internet radio that I use a lot
A.N. Lucas' Web Lounge some dude's site with the classic 90's look
Warpzone cool link directory for neocities
Orteil's Homepage cookie clicker man's site, also has some other stuff hes made
Arkm's World mysterious site, looks kinda cool doe
Emptyhalls i don't know what this is
Ray Optics Simulation cool thingy to simulate light reflections
Unomoralez small site with some cool pictures
The Eye archive of some useful and interesting things
SPIDR neato AI-powered news aggregator
Kokaido cool little WIP textboard, part of the soda webring
Exit Mundi a collection of end-of-world scenarios
Catch 'Em All! pokemon-themed personal site with a strangely dark story
Website Review a link directory with much more obscure clearnet and darknet sites
The History of the Web cool project attempting to chronicle the history of the internet
erysdren's WWW site lots of interesting articles and works here